FlowFreight can act directly with all connected IATA Airlines, this enables us to provide you always competitive rates. Of course we inform you always with multiple options if you want.


FlowFreight is working hard to get this AEO certificate, we hope to complete this in half 2020! For you as a customer the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certificate is a proof that processes in the Organization are regulated properly and safely. FlowFreight shows that the organization is financially healthy and that the cargo administration transparent. Some of you demand this of their logistics partner that they are AEO certified. It will gif you a number of advantages;

  • You will previously eligible for customs simplification
  • you will have less physical controls and document controls
  • you can request for a check on a particular spot or place
  • you will be checked with priority
  • We will be able to get prior notification at controls


FlowFreight B.V.
Zwanenburgerdijk 349
1161 NN  Zwanenburg
The Netherlands
Office: +31 (0)20 4129905


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